“That’s Nice” - A Testimony to the Power of Laura King

Monday, March 7, 2022
Posted by Johnny Robb


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Laura King is a well-known certified Hypnotist (CHt), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, and Life and Sports Coach. She wrote the book The Power to Win and developed the online course by the same name to help riders achieve their personal best. Along with her team at Summit Dynamics, Laura offers virtual self-hypnosis coaching sessions, mp3’s and tools to improve many aspects of your life. As you are reading this you might be thinking, "that’s nice" or something nonchalant along those lines. So, I am sharing my story today to tell you that Laura’s programs, sessions and courses are nothing short of life changing!  

Johnny Robb
Author Johnny Robb

I am an adult amateur rider and a competitor. Thanks to Laura King, I also have more than nine National Championship titles, at least a dozen Regional Champions titles, my USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals and more tri-colored and blue ribbons than I could possible display even if I covered every wall in my home, office, and barn...and “that’s nice”! But I am not here to brag or even talk about my successes. Actually, I perceive myself to be a pretty average rider, but I am a rock star competitor. I write this because I want to share the “power” of what I have learned from Laura King and how you can harness this power yourself and achieve your personal best every time, in everything you do! 

In her courses, book, and sessions Laura teaches you that your conscious mind is only 12% of your brain and to achieve your best, you can easily be trained to tap into the other 88% of your brain, your subconscious mind. That’s where self- hypnosis and NLP (neuro linguistic programing) are game changers. And here’s is the best part, you can actually program your subconscious in your sleep! I don’t know about you, but I am a very busy person, and when I learned I could actually multitask and accomplish something very important while I was sleeping, I was thrilled.

And I also let Laura’s teaching spill over into aspects of my life...and just like in the show ring, I learned how to relax and make things smoother and easier in every aspect of my life. Thanks to Laura King, I am also more courageous. I know I have powerful tools to help me overcome limiting belief in any area of my life. Just like everyone, I have lots of hiccups come up in my life and with my horses, but I have tools to make positive change whatever life throws at me. A perfect example is life in the world of Covid. I had a lot of business maneuvering and focused on my clients in our new environment, so I have not shown my horses in the past two show seasons. I was quite surprised when I received a notification from the USDF that I had won a Diamond Achievement award this past December. I called the USDF and explained that I believed they had made a mistake, but low and behold they had not. 

Laura King

The USDF developed a new program that recognizes riders that had earned all their medals- (bronze, silver and gold) and all of their musical freestyle bars (bronze, silver and gold).  So, while I am anxious to get back in the show ring, I am very grateful that accolades arrived before I even filled out an entry form. And in a strange way, I credit even this to Laura King because I had a great deal of help from her along the journey of winning those medals! Of course, I credit my amazing horses and wonderful coaches and trainers for every success I have enjoyed with horses, but I never underestimate Laura King’s influence on me and my coaches...and that’s nice!

Laura King Live in Wellington and on Horse Illustrate Podcast this Month

If you are in Wellington, Florida in March, Laura will be speaking live at Show Chic on the evening of March 8th (see her Facebook page for more information on attending this free live event. Also, hear Laura on the Horse Illustrated Podcast live o March 17th or visit or