Airlite Animal Bedding - The Healthy Choice

Manufactured in the USA, Airlite USA Animal Bedding by Green Horse is made from repurposed first quality corrugated cardboard sheets that are uniformly chipped into small, comfortable "mini pillows" that are super absorbent, cushiony soft and 99% dust and allergen free!

Airlite is a first line defense against any respiratory or allergy issues such as Heaves, RAO, IAD, and EIPH. It is also the healthiest bedding for equine athletes who need clean lungs for peak performance. Airlite is the healthiest choice for foaling or rehab situations. Owners who have allergies or just do not like dust find Airlite keeps their barns and trailers looking new.

Ant that'e not all! Airlite USA Bedding creates the perfect compost. It retains moisture, nurtures the soil and is the perfect way to maintain pastures spreading it daily.

For questions, more information or to place an order, email or call us at 855-884-9420.