Do you want to know where you currently rank in the various USDF year-end award programs? Now you can check on the USDF Web site’s “2005 Preliminary Award Standings” at the USDF website.

This newest Web site service for competing USDF members will help track their progress toward year-end awards throughout the year. Once a horse/rider meets the eligibility criteria, they will appear in the ranking list. Median scores and rankings will be available weekly as the results from competitions are entered into the USDF database. Members can view overall rankings as the season progresses, which will allow them to know where they stand throughout the year, rather than having to wait until the end of the season.

With members having ample time to review both this ranking list and the current-year scorecheck, any discrepancies can be addressed on an on-going basis throughout the year, and prior to the deadline of October 15, 2005. USDF recommends that competitors access their scorechecks at to verify that the shows where they have received eligible scores have been entered, and then contact USDF Competitions Department staff if they have questions.

For more information on this new Web capability, please contact Krystina Firth at (859) 271-7895 or

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