“That was the first time we rode that test together,” Kohmann said about their high score. “It was the first ride of the morning and windy, and she was as good as ever: quiet, calm and with me. She’s a beautiful mare and we’re a good team at the show.” Read More
When Jeanette Sassoon contacted HorsesDaily's Mary Phelps about the upcoming Big Dog Rescue Fundraiser, she jumped at the chance to finally bring her FEI driving ponies to Wellington and show the Dressage, Polo, and Showjumping crowd where she's been the past few years. Read More
“We could not be more proud to have had an amazing 46 years,” said Remley-White. “During that time, we were honored to host thousands of wonderful competitors who came to Walnut Hill Farm for the love and sport of carriage driving. Many of them came year after year, and grew to be our friends." Read More
The Dutch Masters - Indoor Brabant has made another significant step forward by joining the Rolex Grand Slam. The prizemoney for the international jumping classes has been raised to over one million euros of which 800,000 will be on offer in the Rolex Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon. Read More
See who is performing at the newequestrian hot spot Valentine’s Day for the benefit of the Big Dog Rescue. Read More
Why do horse owners who would never consider putting their car, van, truck or hitch on the highway without proper automobile liability insurance, elect not to purchase equine liability insurance when a horse going full speed can cause damage or injury equal to that caused by a vehicle going 35 MPH? Read More
As the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida gets underway, Triple Crown Nutrition has been on the lookout for standout competitors to receive their Triple Crown Excellence Award. Read More
"The World Equestrian Games is an amazing opportunity to work with riders in a wide range of disciplines, each with their own unique story and inspiring journey," said Noel Asmar, President and Chief Executive Officer of Asmar Equestrian. Read More
Testing events at the Tryon International Equestrian Center for The FEI World Equestrian Games™ are set to resume in April 2018 and all events are free of charge to attend! Read More
Kristi Wysocki, co-chair of the USDF Sport Horse Committee says, “We are very excited about the programs planned for 2018, in various parts of the country, and are thrilled to be working with some new venues, in addition to venues we’ve worked with many times before." Read More