Before Cynthia passed away in August 2011, she made it clear that her estate gift was to be used to help youth riders in dressage. She felt that this group of riders needed to become horsemen, not just riders, as their foundation is critical for the growth of the sport. The goal of TDF’s Cynthia... Read More
There is no doubt that Vilhelmsborg was exited to welcome one of this year's most spectacular events on Danish grounds when hosting the FEI European Championships for Ponies in the three disciplines of Jumping, Dressage and Eventing. With huge support from the municipality of Aarhus, Vilhelmsborg... Read More
When groom Marina Lemay said “I am not a rider, so I really don’t fit your profile, but I would love to come to Germany and experience the work at the Hannoveraner Verband.” here call was heard! Read More
When disaster struck in their neighboring state of Louisianna last week Jodie contacted her clients and hay supplier for help. Now her rescue mission has taken on epic proportions as well. Read More
The Horse of Course was delighted to sponsor the event, and enjoys constantly giving back to the sport of dressage to benefit all ages and levels of riders. Molly Lane, the Sponsorship Coordinator of Dressage4Kids and the Youth Dressage Festival, said, “I cannot thank The Horse of Course enough... Read More
Endel Ots and Lucky Strike (Lord Laurie x His Highness) back in the U.S. after the FEI World Young Dressage Championships in the Netherlands, looking forward to holding their lead. Read More
Did you know - when you have non-owned horses in your care, in your custody or in your control, you may be held liable for injury to or even for the death of an animal as a result of your actions, or failure to act, which may lead to a claim against you? Read More
Manuel Torres, riding out of Waterford, Virginia, claimed the blue ribbon aboard Christofilini H, owned by Andrea Torres Guerreiro. Torres has consistently been in the top five in the Grand Prix at HITS Culpeper this season. The final trip to return to the ring for the jump-off was Torres aboard... Read More
In 2012 I applied for dressage tickets for the Olympics and had created a new e-mail address - Barney2016. Nip Tuck was only 8 and hadn't done a Prix St. Georg, let alone a Grand Prix‎. Read More
When Life Gives You Lemons ...... The Fair Hill CDE for Labor Day Weekend was cancelled due to low entries. International Driving Judge Nicke Paulson's ticket was already booked so he said he'd come and do a clinic instead. Read More