As the highest scoring adult amateur rider of the entire show, Gimbel was thrilled to receive the prize from The Horse of Course founder and CEO, Beth Haist. Gimbel remarked to Haist upon receiving the award, “Thank you so much for sponsoring the lovely cooler and ribbon for the High Score Award.... Read More
In between your property and an outlying roadway is a fence that supposedly confines your horse. Even if the fence is electrified, would you still consider this a 100% guarantee that your horse or passersby will always be protected? Or put another way, would you think that every time a car drives... Read More
This week's StallionMarket Highlight Rubinero stands at Hilltop Farm. Who doesn’t love a handsome, black stallion that offers three high-quality gaits, a gentleman’s character, and exceptional rideability? Rubinero is a special stallion that meets the characteristics in high-demand with breeders. Read More
“The real thrill I have always gotten from riding has nothing to do with competitions won or lost, but with the joy of still being able to handle a horse, keep a tight seat on a lively horse, work the horse in new ways, and explore new country (and new cultures) from horseback,” said Busch. Read More
The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) will be represented by five athlete-and-horse combinations at CDI4* Roosendaal in The Netherlands, June 1-5, 2016. Read More
For sale in world famous Wellington Florida (WPB) where the rich and famous and top riders from all over the world come together to share their passion of the equestrian sport. Read More
Our HorseMarket Manager is headed out on vacation - Get your horses listed now! Read More
I was proud of all of our riders. Its a journey with more than the occasional bump in the road. Each and everyone handled the bumps well, and appreciated that's it all part of the learning experience. Read More
More and more horse buyers are purchasing horses from other countries or after finding their perfect horse in the states, they are shipping the horse over-seas for training and showing. When traveling outside the US or Canada to look for your perfect horse, you should contact your Insurance agent... Read More
An extraordinarily heavy downpour left the arenas under water for some time, and the Ground Jury made the decision to base the result on yesterday’s Grand Prix alone, in which American riders came out on top by a convincing 11-percent margin. Read More