"We've captured the elusive 80% - it does exist!" said a thrilled Laura Graves, who was one of only five riders to score above 80%. "I knew the test was going well, but you just always hope that your reflections match up with the judges. Read More
"The key to Tennyson's good health is a combination of being in a program with the most amazing trainers in the world; great nutrition, farrier, veterinarian, and chiropractic care; and adhering to a well-thought-out daily routine that contributes to a positive state of well-being. He lives at... Read More
Not even Great Britain's shining star of the sport could halt the steady march of the Germans who look set to claim their 13th Olympic team title. Read More
"Team has many different meanings," commented Laura Graves. So as equestrians, the Olympics are really special. We have the team of our horses and the team of ourselves, and our trainers, friends and family. Then we have each other. Read More
For me, the planets don’t align; signs don’t manifest to guide me; and I definitely don’t believe in love at first sight. That being said, read the following testimonial and know that I am a changed girl! Read More
When I entered I already felt he was giving his utmost and being the fighter he is, he never gives up. But in order to protect him, I gave up. My buddy, my friend, the horse that has given everything for me his whole life does not deserve this. So I saluted and left the arena. Read More
Dressage competition got underway Wednesday at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, as 29 of the total 60 competitors representing 19 countries took to the main arena under cloudy skies at the Deodoro Olympic Equestrian Center to perform in the Grand Prix, the first test in the team competition. Read More
It was an emotional roller-coaster from the outset, 38-year-old Akane Kuroki bursting into tears of relief and delight after posting a score of 66.90 with Toots to get the Japanese effort underway. There was deep disappointment for The Netherlands’ Adelinde Cornelissen who had to retire when her... Read More
If you have ever attended an auction in Verden, then you most likely have seen these two people – either on a horse or in the stables. We are talking about Anna Peters and Melanie Wiechmann, who care for the auction horses as a team. Read More
Dressage competition at the Rio Olympic Games got underway at the Deodoro Olympic Equestrian Center Monday with the horse inspection. A total of 59 athlete-and-horse combinations representing 18 countries are set to compete in Wednesday's Grand Prix, the first test in team competition. Read More