Do you have adequate limits of liability? If you rent your facility, does your lease require you to name the property owner as an additional insured on your policy? Do you have proper waivers, a solid boarding agreement? Do you allow trainers to teach from your facility? These questions and many... Read More
These days, our horses are more a part of the family than ever. We give them special treats, we celebrate their birthdays, and we spend endless hours trying to make them comfortable. Pink polo wraps may be cute, and browbands with bling may be the “in” thing, but wouldn't you rather put that... Read More
She completed 10 Century Rides in Maryland. It was quite an undertaking. In addition to her own mare, Moonshine, Suzy found 9 more eligible horses through clients and friends. These owners were so excited about having their horses participate in the Century Ride and the horses were simply amazing... Read More
On November 28th, at 6.00 pm (CET) the dressage horses of the 36th P.S.I. Auction will be shown live in individual presentations for the first time. Via LIVESTREAM you can participate from around the world - just turn on! Don´t hesitate to contact our sales managers to find YOUR next dressage... Read More
While waivers are a necessary precaution, it is rare that they cover you completely. In fact, even if a rider signs a waiver, it does not guarantee that legal action cannot be taken. Read More
There was a top-class turnout from the host nation, and on an afternoon of quality competition German riders also filled third and fourth places with Jessica Von Bredow-Werndl and Unee BB getting the advantage over Fabienne Lutkemeier and D’Agostino. Only three horse-and-rider combinations broke... Read More
UB40 is a successful FEI horse and one of the most sought after stallions. He is the sire of the Approved stallions El Capone and Apache in the Netherlands, and dozens of 1st Premium offspring in North America. His son El Paso ISF is a Dressage at Devon champion and KWPN-NA North American keuring... Read More
As part of ongoing efforts to expand and better serve North American members and breeders of one of the most popular sport horses in the world, the Royal Dutch Warmblood Studbook in North America (KWPN-NA) has announced the hiring of Jason Tice as Executive Director, effective immediately. Read More
“It feels fantastic to qualify for the Festival of Champions this year,” said Bateson-Chandler. “Of course this is a big year, coming up to the Olympics, so Wellington is where our winter goals will be set. It will be a long season, so we will try to pace ourselves. I'm looking forward to getting... Read More
Knopp hasn’t always ridden in a Custom Saddlery saddle. Several years ago, a Custom Saddlery representative was at the barn where Knopp was boarding, and Knopp decided to try one of the many models the company offers. “I was pleased to find that from day one, I was much more comfortable in the... Read More