Sahar Hirosh, SDH Dressage


Sahar Daniel Hirosh is an International Grand Prix rider and competitor as well as a USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist. He lives and trains in two locations: SDH Dressage based at Hope Acres Farm in Stockton, New Jersey, and Wellington. Born in Israel this dressage rider and trainer has a new goal to strive for, he hopes to qualify to compete for his country at the 2018 World Equestrian Games in Tryon.

Taking great pride in bringing young horses through the levels and creating Grand Prix atheletes, his current mount Whitman is making a statement at each show the duo enter. Hirosh has been riding Whitman since January, and has been adding to their collection of blue ribbons ever since. “Every day that I ride him, there is more in him - he just never stops offering. He’s getting more and more fit. I’m gaining more confidence in him, and our partnership is growing every time we go down centerline.”