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Based in the equestrian hub of Wellington, Florida, The Dressage Connection is located at ground zero of American horse sport. They are the exclusive dealer for Hennig saddles in the United States and have a patent on the Tota Comfort System, a custom designed bridle and noseband system that relieves pressure on the poll, facial nerves, and TMJ joint. The expertise and service of The Dressage Connection has made them the first choice of dressage competitors across the globe, including World Cup and Olympic competitors like Tina Konyot, Ashley Holzer, Sue Blinks, Lars Petersen, Oded Shimoni, Chris Hickey, Todd Flettrich and Mikala Gundersen, to name a few.

While their product line covers anything an equestrian might need, from breeches to stirrup leathers, it is the personalized service, unique brands, and leading edge innovation that set The Dressage Connection apart. As the exclusive distributor of Hennig dressage saddles, The Dressage Connection’s expert fittings deliver close contact for the rider and comfort for the horse. They also offer other brands like Passier and Stubben, as well as a selection of hundreds of previously owned saddles and a full flocking and repair service for any make or model.

The Tota Comfort System was pioneered with the help of Olympic riders in an effort to enhance both the fit and performance of any bridle. By incorporating the anatomy of the horse’s facial nerves, jaw muscles and joints, and the leverage put on the poll by the connection to the bit, a curved cheek piece was devised that significantly reduces poll pressure, stress on the TMJ joint, and aggravation of the facial nerves. With the ultimate goal being comfort for the horse, the result was a happier horses, more feel for the rider, and increased performance overall. The effects of the Tota Comfort System are already being seen in dressage arenas around the world, and was approved by the FEI for international competition.

While performance is a defining characteristic of The Dressage Connection, it is the seamless molding of fashion and function that appeals to the discerning dressage competitor. Their custom fit Konig boots can also be custom detailed, with various styles, colors and textures of leather, crystal accents, snakes skin tops and toes, all designed to the exact specifications of the rider for an unmatched level of performance and customization.

The Dressage Connection’s restoration and boot repair service can remedy any issue, from broken zippers to leather damage. For riders wanting to add even more bling to their ride, The Dressage Connection carries a full line of JUDI Manche Custom horse apparel, including Swarovski studded bell boots, browbands, fly bonnets, halters, and tendon boots.

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