Dance Away HW

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Birth Year: 
Dauphin (Donnerhall/Feiner Stern)
16.2 hands

Dance Away HW – as promised by his name, he is an impressive moving FEI prospect and a super horse with high ride ability – he will make you fall in love in an instant. He was already successfully shown. He just looks and moves like his famous sire Dauphin.

The competition genes are inherited! He is a very elegant boy for an amateur or professional alike. He knows exactly how to present himself and has a given "look at me attitude". He has a great temperament and is a sweet and one of the prettiest boys you will find, just look in his eyes and you'll melt away. He is in daily training and at Second/Third level right now. He is doing solid shoulder in at trot and canter. He does the flying changes and he loves to do them. All exercises are easy for him and he gives 100% to please all the time. He is a joy to handle and does seriously well in dressage or as a fancy jumper/hunter, as he is athletic enough to do it all. He is easy to train and willing to learn. He picks up where he left the day before - what a joy! He is a forward horse, with enough courage and energy to go up the levels, but still level headed and fun to ride without being hot. He already showed with success at 2nd level in the USA and collected blue ribbons.

This is a horse for young riders, amateurs and professionals alike and for sure a great addition to a show barn as he will collect ribbons for you with his great attitudes and judges will remember him. He is ready to go to his new owner and impress with his looks and potential. He already has a very good rhythm/balance, schwung and is uphill with a good motor and elegant front leg movement with a free shoulder. Can you imagine showing him off at a clinic, what will the audience say? Guess they'd be rather speechless………… Hopefully you'll be the one guiding him in his future journey and the one to collect all the nice compliments which you are looking for.

Super vet check with x-rays!

Please contact professional trainer Jennifer Schrader-Williams at (253) 381-2811 or email her at:

Or contact Irene at:

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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Irene Wiederhold, managing member
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(239) 772-7722
1110 Del Prado Blvd South, Unit B
Cape Coral, Florida 33990