Carlucci HW

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Birth Year: 
Contendro I
16.2 hands

Carlucci HW is a super fancy moving horse, destined for the big show ring and hopefully international competitions, he was successfully shown! He is already at 3rd level, his flying changes are established and he takes everything in a stride. He is a super fast learner, counter canter and collection are easy for him and he is a fun horse every day. His basic paces are first class. He has ground covering gaits and his impressive active hindleg open up all the doors for a future career in his life as a phenomenal dressage horse or as a jumper as well. This boy loves to work and do it all. He has the schwung everybody wants and strives for. His character is outstanding and he has the best temperament. He is fun to ride everyday out. As soon as he moves, he awes everybody alike, judges, onlookers and the whole auditorium. With his light footed nearly cat like movement, airtime and the way he knows how to place his hooves, piaffe and passage will come easy to him. He allows his rider to ask new things with ease, always tries his best to please and fulfill every movement to satisfaction. Can you imagine how he'll look and move if he is filled out further, muscled up and has all his balance and strength? He is so young, what you see now, is just a glimpse of the future!

This horse is an absolute exception and rare find. He is a young star who will let your dreams come true with correct training and further education. He is now waiting for his new mom or dad, he is ready to show the world what he is made of. Take him out to clinics and show him off, you can be sure to be recognized, remembered and commented on. Here is a true heartbreaker and gentleman. He is what you were looking for all along. This boy is super smart and something very special.

His character and willingness could not be better for his young age. He knows how to be cross tied, travel/trailer. He is an all around dream horse for the Amateur as well as really fancy enough for the Professional. In addition, he has trail ride experience and would make an excellent Young Riders. Carlucci HW loves to be in your pockets and thrives for attention. He is quite the clown sometimes, in a very good way, be brings the smiles to your face which you'll need to get through every day. He will help to fill up water buckets and explore your jacket. He was allowed to grow up at his breeders place and was shipped directly from there to the USA. He was pampered all his life. He is your dream boy, if you look in his eyes and see his curly forelock, you'll never forget him!

Vet checked with x-rays! $65,000 – Imported, now located in Washington, check out his video clips: Please contact professional trainer Jennifer Schrader-Williams at (253) 381-2811 or email her at: or contact Irene at: - 239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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Irene Wiederhold, managing member
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(239) 772-7722
1110 Del Prado Blvd South
Cape Coral, Florida 33990