Action Ace - Attention Young Riders!

USD $125,000
KWPN (Dutch Warmblood)
Birth Year: 
Ijsselmeer Ikepono
Promised Keur
17.0 hands

This horse can put the points on the board!

The walk is always 100% pure because of his steady contact. He walks through his whole body in extended walk and collected walk. The walk pirouettes are a dream. I call this free points!

The trot can be ridden to it maximum without any change of rhythm. Ace loves to extend the trot and can easily come back into a passage rhythm. He has a lot of expression and is very flexible through the rib cage for the trot half-passes. The passage is still developing but shows a lot of quality especially because he is so rhythmical and regular. He follows the half-halts very well and gives a great feeling. He has a good idea about the half-steps and we are continuing to develop. The rein back steps are always perfect and without any resistance!

The canter has a lot of jump and this makes for very expressive flying changes. He finds the canter half-passes and pirouettes very easy and needs very little preparation. The extended canter is the most fun has you can always ride him to the maximum for big points.

Ace requires very little warm up and can be ridden without a whip making him an excellent candidate for the CDI Young Rider division. He hacks out on the buckle and always gives a safe feeling. He will take care of even the most timid rider and is super sweet to handle around the stables. His legs are really clean, no maintenance required, good solid feet with basic shoeing. This horse is really fit and in great condition.

Contact Information
Contact Name: 
Kelly Layne
Company / Farm: 
Palm Beach Equine Sport Complex
Cell Number: 
(720) 335-8474
13125 Southfields Rd
Wellington, Florida 33414