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HorsesDaily® shares articles and information on equine related educational news and opportunities. 

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The world of the horse has a reaches far beyond the show ring and into the hearts of all who are drawn to their beauty and magical aura. Follow the history, influence, and star power brought to the public through the organizations presented in this section.

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Whether searching for the perfect place for you and your horses, or a way to reach our large and loyal audience with a property to sell, HorsesDaily works with some of the finest and knowledgable individuals and agencies to help your search.

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HorsesDaily features individuals known in the industry who understand what it takes to buy and sell property in the equestrian world.

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Looking for a trainer, need to learn more? Browse our Lifestyle/Trainers' Arena section, to learn more about the equestrian professionals listed with HorsesDaily the longest running website in equestrian sport since 1997. Would you like to join us? We would love to have you and make it easy. Visit, to see how. We are here to help and make it easy.


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On HorsesDaily we feature coverage of events from several equestrian facilities on a regular basis.





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The HorsesDaily Book Club presents numerous titles, reviews and great ideas for reading materials for "People With a Passion for Horses™. Many of the authors are personal friends, trainers we admire and great writers. Some are self published, some promoted by longtime established companies we have come to know and trust to deliver content of value to our readers.


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Here is where Mary Phelps head "bossmare" of Horsesdaily Inc brings some personal highlights photos and experiences, as well a her favorite recipes to our readers.


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