Omega Alpha Introduces Advanced Sinew-X Plus with Hyaluronic Acid and New RegenerEQ Plus Paste. Read More
By combining science, research, herbs, and other natural ingredients, the Canadian herbal supplement company Omega Alpha has revolutionized the equine health product market. For twenty-two years, Omega Alpha has been a leading supplement manufacturer due to its innovative and highly effective...
Who would have thought that the lowly old “mushroom” could offer such a gentle and magical reprieve from certain diseases. Well it does and this product proves it. Read More
YS Nutritionis dedicated to providing premium, whole food natural nutritional supplements for you, your horse and your pets. With over seven years in the mushroom nutritional supplement business and the endless research of Entia Biosciences, Inc. behind us, we bring the finest, natural, whole...
For anyone that lives in a coastal town whether it is the Gulf Coast or the Atlantic Coast, the months of June-October have significant meaning to them; Hurricane season. With 11 hurricanes predicted for this season, Floridians are still smarting from last year's experience. Smart horsemen have a... Read More


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