“The concept of using horses and mentors to help children of alcoholics and addicts in a formal program had never been tried before, but I knew there were millions of children of alcoholics who needed help,” she said. “If horses and mentors saved my life, I knew a program like this could save... Read More
Leslie Reid has been an Omega Alpha Ambassador since 2003 and uses a variety of the company’s products. She is especially enthusiastic about Tetda, a natural liniment that soothes tired muscles and increases blood flow to aid in muscle recovery after exercise. “Tetda is effective and not too... Read More
The acclaimed Friesian and Warmblood trainer, who had accumulated over 180 IFSHA World and National champion titles in multiple disciplines, decided, “If TheraPlate was good enough for us, it would also be good enough for our horses!” Before long, Griffin was a TheraPlate Brand Ambassador for the... Read More
Give your horse a broader level of equine influenza (EIV) protection with Flu Avert® I.N.Talk to your veterinarian today about giving your horse the extra protection of Flu Avert I.N. Read More
How do you know if your horse is unsound, untrained or simply doesn’t want to be a barrel horse? Here some of the top barrel racers in the industry help us unravel some reasons that lead to poor performance and offer tips on how to know if a lameness issue or training problem is at the heart of... Read More
Horses from the ages of 12 and older are considered “seniors.” Many horses that are in the prime of their careers may require extra maintenance in order to continue performing at their best. For example, an 18 year old equine athlete would have been rare ten years ago, but in today’s world, there... Read More
Aragon GAF, described by the Roberts as a “distinguished gentleman,” stood out to the show committee and USEF rated judges at the IALHA National Championships because of his outstanding build and movement. The committee and judges selected Aragon to receive the TheraPlate Peak Performance Award.... Read More
After several years together, Lynnette Jacobs and her horse, Entero VDI, have developed an enviable partnership that was demonstrated by their accomplishments at the 2015 International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA) National Championship Show in Lexington, Virginia. Entero VDI... Read More
Meg Sleeper, a veteran endurance competitor, notched another big victory while representing the United States at the recent CEI2* North American Endurance Team Challenge (NAETC). Sleeper, an Omega Alpha Ambassador, uses Omega Alpha natural equine supplements to keep all of her horses in top shape... Read More
Medical myths often get started with reasonable observations, which they have a remarkable ability to stick around, even after there’s good proof that they are myths. Many myths about colic persist today – so let’s see if we can take on some of the more common ones. You never know – it might give... Read More


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