"I wasn't expecting to see a difference. "Diddy" had been a little high strung and had become very attached to the other horses after his first flight. Within 45 minutes of giving him the EquiOtic™ Boost, he was himself, quiet, eating and resting. I've been a believer ever since. Now all of my... Read More
Dr. Liz Maloney, DVM, owner of Equine Therapies in Franklin, Mass., has practiced veterinary medicine with a special interest in horse performance issues for 19 years. Her career started at the racetrack, before expanding to include the care and treatment of sport horses in most other disciplines... Read More
Is “Natural” horse dentistry just a catch-word fad? What makes an approach to dental care “Natural”? Are “Natural” dentists trying to scare or mislead horse owners for some reason? Well here is the difference broken down for us horse owners to make some sense out of it Read More
The richest dressage circuit in the world and the therapy platform widely praised as the “best money ever spent” for treatment and prevention of injury have united during the fifth annual Adequan Global Dressage Festival. The 2016 dressage competition series, running from January 13- April 2 in... Read More
According to Officer Tanner Tixier, the Albuquerque Police Department’s Public Information Officer, the police department discovered the TheraPlate at TheraPlate’s booth in the trade fair at the Arabian Horse Association Youth Nationals, which was held at Expo New Mexico in July. “After seeing... Read More
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a procedure that delivers increased amounts of oxygen to diseased or injured tissues. It is currently one of the most powerful tools available as an adjunctive form of therapy, and in some cases it works well as the primary therapy for horses. Oxygen is delivered to... Read More
Today and only today Back on Track will be giving away free gifts for you and your horse when you purchase select products! Read More
The Certified Therapists at the Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Center provide top quality care for all their equine and canine patients. One of their sought after therapies is the Transpirator II. Not only does it help horses with various respiratory issues by getting rid of... Read More
300,000 knee surgeries are performed in the US every year. A high percentage of healthy adults who receive new knees are runners and riders. In equestrian sports the knee experiences two types of stress: stretch of the lateral ligaments and impact from riding on a hard stirrup with no shock... Read More
Along with his World Championship title, Phantom was recognized for his incredible fitness and body conformation at the 2015 IFSHA Championships. TheraPlate Revolution Therapy Platforms, a company that manufactures easy-to-use therapy platforms that promote equine fitness, relieve pain, and speed... Read More


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