International dressage competitors Lisa Wilcox of the United States, Juan Matute Guimon of Spain, and Tina Irwin of Canada each earned an Accuhorsemat Accuracy Award for their precise rides during the AGDF in Wellington, Florida. Read More
When dressage rider Jennifer Baumert and the majestic gelding Handsome came down centerline this weekend at the AGDF, the judges couldn’t help but take notice. Read More
Corta-Flx® and Triple Crown® Nutrition are teaming up to turn the vendors green by the The Horse of Course at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival show grounds into a St. Patrick’s Day paradise. Read More
Corta-Flx®, an official sponsor of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival, will be honoring horses who exemplify exceptional fitness and soundness with the Corta-Flx® Sport Horse of the Week Award throughout the remaining weeks of the prestigious competition. Read More
Fashion model and accomplished equestrienne Ellesse Jordan Tzinberg shares her after show routine for her hardworking Dressage mounts. Learn about the products she uses and how they work. Read More
Triple Crown Nutrition, Inc. has been providing leading edge equine nutrition over the past three decades, with fixed formulas and low or no grain inclusion feeds. Triple Crown is dedicated to supporting equine athletes across disciplines and is the Official Feed Sponsor of the U.S. Dressage Team...
Judges were dazzled by the impressive turnout of Olympic athlete Adrienne Lyle and Betsy Juliano’s 10-year-old Oldenburg mare Horizon and they awarded the pair the Triple Crown® Best Turnout Award at the FEI jog ahead of the AGDF II. Read More
Looking for the perfect partner for next summer show season? While the horse of your dreams may look fanstasic many veterinarians recommend a prepurchase exam. Not only will it give you piece of mind but it might save you from making an expensive mistake. Read More
The perfect holiday gift for your horses. For the cost of about 2 therapy treatments you can provide daily therapy before and after workouts. Read More
It's that time of year! Everyone is heading south for the winter, which means horses are traveling too! Your horse's may be healthy and well-hydrated before entering the trailer, but the stress of travel can weaken the immune system. Keep your horse healthy and happy by recognizing signs of... Read More


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