Whoop De Doo has some big things in store for the coming months. “She feels like she is ready for the Grand Prix. We will take her to the 7-year-old finals at the end of the year and that will be enough for her this year.” Read More
Trainers, owners and top riders rely on Vita Flex products for one reason: they deliver results. Respected veterinarians recommend Vita-Flex animal health supplements, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes, joint supplements, and topicals.Accel Lifetime Health and Wellness FormulaWhen...
Vita Flex, a leading producer of top-quality equine supplements, is jumping into the mix of excitement created at The Colorado Horse Park’s Summer in the Rockies show series by awarding winning riders and their outstanding mounts with the signature Vita Flex Victory Pass Award. Read More
For 17-year-old Leesburg, FL, local Kanyon Walker, success has come from countless outlets, such as football and track, as he finds himself competing in three disciplines just like his horses. Read More
Triple Crown Nutrition was back for week two of the seven week Summer in the Rockies hunter/jumper series to present the Triple Crown Excellence Award, which includes a beautiful tri-colored ribbon, an engraved plate and certificate for a bag of Triple Crown feed. Read More
During the astonishing seven week Summer in the Rockies Series held at the Colorado Horse Park, Omega Alpha will be out recognizing healthy, happy horses with the Healthy Horse Award. Read More
Over the last 28 years, Vita Flex has become a leading supplier of advanced performance products designed to satisfy the demands of horses competing at the highest levels. Recently, Vita Flex launched a new website, www.vitaflex.com. Read More
German native Petra Warlimont made the most of her ride at the picturesque Colorado Horse Park during the High Prairie Dressage I and II show. Wowing the judges and scoring a 70% at the Grand Prix in front of international judge Natalie Lamping, Warlimont took home the win in her class, but also... Read More
Throughout the grueling-yet-glamorous Wellington winter season, we tend to focus on the star-studded performers yet, we often overlook those who make these performances possible behind the scenes – the barn managers who puts hours upon hours of work organizing, cleaning, scheduling and perfecting... Read More
“Thank you, because we have used Omega Alpha products for years, and really believe in them,” Hassler said. “Coming from me, that’s a true statement because I’m not a big believer in most of these things, but chill™ calming formula is one heck of a good product.” Read More


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