Exclusive video release of Olympic Gold Medallist Laura Tomlinson demonstrating the art of dressage. In this short film, which has been produced by Land Rover, Laura performs a mini-masterclass with her exciting young stallion, Capri Sonne Jr - the same horse who she will be performing with at... Read More
Without meaning to, people often encourage their horse to be mouthy, especially young horses. Because foals and weanlings are small, people let the young horses nuzzle them, play with their shirt, etc. Then, when the foals grow up to be a 1,200-pound pushy, disrespectful horses, they wonder where... Read More
If you have ever wondered why you received a certain score on your walk pirouettes or turns on the haunches, we hope to clarify for you and break down the many components that go into coming up with that score. And with winter fast approaching, this could be a good time to work on perfecting... Read More
Trailering is a huge part of the equestrian world. It's how we get these amazing athletes from one place to another. But many horse owners face the same problem, getting the horse on the trailer. Down Under Horsemanship has provided some tips to help make your horses trailering experience a... Read More
Reins are universally accepted as a means to communicate with the horse. Pressure and release of the reins is essential in the learning process for the horse and consistent and stable rein tension is fundamental to underpinning effective training. Additional equipment (e.g., martingales and draw... Read More
City of Industry, CA - Two of the most respected names in equestrian performance - Linda Parelli and Jenny R. Susser, Ph.D. - have joined together for the not-to-be missed event of the season, The Emotional Fitness for the Horse and Rider Super Clinic, February 27 - March 1, at Industry Hills... Read More
“Why is my saddle always slipping to one side?”. Most riders know the feeling of a shifting saddle, which can occur for many reasons: it could be how your horse is carrying you, or a saddle not fitting the horse exactly right, or more than likely, this is how you have been balancing your riding... Read More


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