Custom Saddlery, maker of the Official Saddle of the United States Dressage Team, is dedicated to providing equestrians with top-quality handcrafted saddles. Read More
Like Custom Saddlery, Johnson values every part of competing in dressage—realizing that it’s especially important to have a great attitude toward her horse and other competitors at a show. “It’s simply more fun to be friendly and create a positive atmosphere,” she said. “We are here to compete,... Read More
Happening now! While supplies last get a Custom Saddle for up to 40 percent off! Read More
Early tests show a dry-out rate of up to five times longer than traditional textile footings. This means using up to five times less water while saving time and money. It also means more time riding your horse and less time managing the arena. Read More
Premier Equestrian— the Utah-based maker of revolutionized horse jumps, expert arena footing, and exquisite dressage arenas— is passionate about the development of equestrian sports, and congratulates riders Mihkayla Shetterly, Shannon O’Hatnick, and Daniel Kerins for their winning rides in the... Read More
Cary Wallace, President and Master Saddle Fitter at Custom Saddlery is an official sponsor of the United States Dressage Federation. Custom Saddlery is a strong supporter of the equestrian community with their Best Turn out Award, and the All American Saddle Fit Challenge, a program designed to...
GumBits are small, round treats that promote chewing activity in the horse’s mouth and encourage the salivation process. The unique treats help eliminate teeth grinding that can occur during the intense competition and training of high-performance sport horses. Horses love the sweet taste of the...


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