When dressage stars shine brightly across the state of Florida, Custom Saddlery takes note. The company rewarded Brian MacMahon and Endel Ots for their excellence by presenting them with the Custom Saddlery Most Valuable Rider (MVR) Award at recent Florida dressage shows. Read More
The 2016 Wellington, Florida dressage winter show circuit started this past week with a bang - in the form of severe weather. Although the weather caused delays and scratches in some cases, competitor Lisa Wilcox shone through the gloomy first week. Read More
Osteoporosis is a disease in which calcium is lost from the bones, resulting in weakening, and in severe cases, collapse. It is more common in the bones of the spine, and the vertebrae may collapse on each other. Most patients are postmenopausal females, and their osteoporosis is due to estrogen... Read More
International dressage rider Mette Rosencrantz has traveled cross-country to compete two talented horses in South Florida during the 2016 Adequan Global Dressage Festival, with the goal of posting scores high enough to earn her the chance to compete in the European circuit next summer. Read More
Horse Trainers double up non slip and shock absorbing saddle pads pads during schooling or when a horse is more advanced than a rider. While it is no surprise doubling ThinLine pads helps sore backed horses, we were excited to discover many trainers are using double thickness ThinLine to ... Read More
These gorgeous glittering stretchy mane bands are set with 36 zirconias and sparkle in rainbow colors - All you need to to is add them as a finish to your horse's braids. Read More
300,000 knee surgeries are performed in the US every year. A high percentage of healthy adults who receive new knees are runners and riders. In equestrian sports the knee experiences two types of stress: stretch of the lateral ligaments and impact from riding on a hard stirrup with no shock... Read More
With the 2016 show season fast approaching, the dressage boutique ShowChic of Wellington, Florida has released the video of what was perhaps its most talked-about Shop Talk event of the 2015 season. Read More
Traditionally, The Horse of Course High Score Award is presented to the competitor who receives the highest score of the entire show. At the United States Dressage Federation USDF Region 1 Dressage Championships, though, The Horse of Course decided to change things up. Read More
The 2015 International Friesian Show Horse Association (IFSHA) Friesian World and Grand National Championship Horse Show saw competitors of all ages showcase their prized Friesian horses as they vied for Champion titles. Read More


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