Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a procedure that delivers increased amounts of oxygen to diseased or injured tissues. It is currently one of the most powerful tools available as an adjunctive form of therapy, and in some cases it works well as the primary therapy for horses. Oxygen is delivered to... Read More
The Certified Therapists at the Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Center provide top quality care for all their equine and canine patients. One of their sought after therapies is the Transpirator II. Not only does it help horses with various respiratory issues by getting rid of... Read More
Having a chronic pain condition is exceptionally hard on horses since they are such athletic, active animals. Arthritis, which involves inflammation in the joint, can be especially debilitating due to the pain, lack of desire to move, weight gain, and the amount of concussive forces a horse... Read More
First used in the space program to offset the loss of bone strength and muscle mass as a result of minimal gravitational forces, and then in the health industry to reduce the effects of osteoporosis, Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is now widely used in physical therapy and rehabilitation for many... Read More
It may no longer be the Year of the Horse, but it was a big season for ponies at the 2015 Live Oak International. The March 18-22 show, hosted at the Ocala, Florida equestrian estate of 11-time USEF National Four-in-Hand Horse champion Chester Weber, presented United States Equestrian Federation ... Read More
Ocala, FL. - “He’s a racehorse, but he never made it to the races.” Stephanie Brennan said about her twelve-year-old thoroughbred Oscar. As a yearling, Oscar arrived at Brennan’s racing facility in Ocala, Florida, where he was expected to step off of the trailer full of potential. Instead, the... Read More
Ocala, FL - Never has learning so much, for so many, been so easy. The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center of Ocala, Florida is ready to help professionals and owners alike find their stride this season with a series of educational seminars and training programs to start... Read More


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