When Bettina Hinckley sent trainer Susanne Hamilton to Germany for her next dressage partner, a black mare was on her mind, what she got was a stocky little chestnut gelding that would prove that dynamite does indeed come in small packages Read More
“It is with unbelievable sadness I let you know that my partner Antello, had to be put down today due to an injury sustained in the ring. He was such a fighter and he never quit. I had some of my best days in the ring with him. He brought me and those of us who were lucky enough to work with him,... Read More
Just after Dressage Young Rider Gold medalist Catherine Rose Chamberlain turned 21 and bid farewell to her Young Rider years, she suffered the tragic loss of the horse who got her there. Honoring "Chance" Verdici, (2002, KWPN, Krack C x Jackson.) Catherine wrote this moving tribute to her soul... Read More
"For the past ten years Monsieur lived in pasture always with a tub of soup (liquid hay pellets) in front of him. He outlived three different pasture mates (polo ponies) who also lived into their thirties," Bredahl explained. "He was truly 'the wind beneath my wings.' He carried me to shows all... Read More