Here is where Mary Phelps head "bossmare" of Horsesdaily Inc brings some personal highlights photos and experiences, as well a her favorite recipes to our readers.


Delving into old files of photos I never threw away, I am finding a treasure trove of memories. Will provide a few hints on this one, then publish results soon. Read More
We have some exciting updates, and upgrades in the works as we continue our commitment to sharing news, photos, videos, and items we know you enjoy. 2018 marks The World Equestrian Games, Tryon 2018, our 30th year covering Aachen CHIO, and new shows, venues and adventures already filling up the... Read More
In July 1999 I visited Dr. Reiner Klimke at his home in Muenster, Germany and he adorned me with his medals. Just a month later he was gone, but not his legacy and all he was to the dressage world. Read More
My old photo database has been restored!It began in the year 2000 and we are going to have some fun here sharing images from the past. Read More
Twice a year, in the spring and fall a select group of women ( and a couple of men on their best behavior) gather on a beautiful plantation on a breezy hill in Virginia, with ponies, horses, carriages, food, wine and a lot of energy and passion. Read More
Enjoy the large image gallery of enchanting photos. As a child, the petite Sylvia Zerbini had the job of turning out her father’s circus horses, mostly stallions on their farm in France learning their langaige with each other. Using that language she captivates crowds and enhances horsemanship... Read More
With some clever recipes like the Burghley Bloomer and Teriyaki Steak which are enhanced by a long car journey, James Martin also has some useful tips to make sure your tailgate picnic is at its best when you arrive at an event. Read More
Thank you Evelyn and Klaus Haim Swarovski, for giving the dressage world the most beautiful show on earth. Enjoy the image gallery of some of the highlights of the 22 Manfred Swarovski Tournament, in Fritzens, Austria where we experienced a Dressage show favorite for competitors, officials,... Read More
During our visit with, we joined Bram Chardon and Wayne Humphreys (that's him on the back step) became a part of "Team Chardon" riding on the back of the carriage with the Chardon's 2016 World Cup Driving Champion Team of Lipizanners. Read More
When we learned the Chardon family gave approximately 525 lessons per week we were dumfounded. But in just one day we began to see how this happens. Read More


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