Anne and David Gribbons have dedicated their lives to create this culmination of a premier facility, offering all that is needed to develop and train in the sport of Dressage. Visit Knoll Dressage - Ann and David Gribbons in HorsesDaily's Trainers' Arena for the history, photos, facility details and contact information.


“It was like a thriller,” she said. “Not necessarily all good, since the body count was considerable. I think we lost, one way or another, about seven good horses.” Read More
Anne Gribbons has worn a variety of hats in the dressage world including rider, teacher, trainer, coach and judge. She was the USEF dressage team coach and technical advisor from 2010-2012 and has trained and shown 16 of her own horses to the Grand Prix level, nine of which were U.S. Equestrian... Read More
“Everybody has a horse in their life that they will never forget,” Gribbons said. “He always performed for me when I wanted him to. We had a very special relationship like you hope to have with all your horses, but you don’t.” The horse that touches you like no other permanently melds your... Read More
Collective Remarks: A Journey through the American Dressage Evolution: Where It’s Been, Where We Are, and Where We Need to Be, by Anne Gribbons and published by Trafalgar Square has hit the ground running (well piaffing) in sales. Order direct from the publisher and experience this enlightening... Read More
USDF President George Williams said, “Anne has never stood still and is a fearless advocate for dressage in the US. She is a well rounded horsewoman, interested in all aspects of our sport, who has proven time and again that she lives and breathes dressage. Anne has been a major force in the... Read More
Anne Gribbons and Lesley Eden make a great team for successfully training the young horse Let’s Dance toward the FEI levels through the Young Horse Championship levels. A six year old gelding by Laurentio, Let’s Dance has been shown, started and ridden by Lesley Eden with Gribbons coaching at her... Read More
“What I hope is that when I leave this job there’s a system in place that the riders trust, because this is what we’ve been lacking. It’s an enormous task, because the country is so huge. Our biggest enemy is our distances. Read More
USEF Team Coach and Technical Advisor Anne Gribbons entertained with stories and highlights. Then Steffen Peters took to the stage to add to the commentary. We got it on video and have it all here on DressageDaily. Enjoy! Read More
To watch Anne Gribbons at a dressage show, you quickly understand why Steffen Peters refers to her simply as “Boss.” Coaching the high-performance riders at a CDI in Los Angeles in April, she was seemingly in 10 places at once — monitoring the action in the show rings, closely observing horses... Read More


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