The HorsesDaily Book Club presents numerous titles, reviews and great ideas for reading materials for "People With a Passion for Horses™. Many of the authors are personal friends, trainers we admire and great writers. Some are self published, some promoted by longtime established companies we have come to know and trust to deliver content of value to our readers.


Using the voice of much-loved real-life Cantrell Farm horse, "Mountin Melody" (aka Mellie). Mellie gives a horse's view of each of the eight WEG disciplines. Read More
Looking back on his life, Frank Chapot once recounted, "I've had a lot of fun and had some successes - and some failures, too. To come close to winning some gold medals, which I did a couple of times, how can a person who's not very wealthy dream of being able to do that?" Read More
Full of valuable advice and illustrated with examples of how the author has helped well-known equestrians, The Power To Win is a valuable tool for all competitive or recreational riders-indeed, any athlete-at any level, as well as for instructors and parents. Read More
Janet Del Castillo does it her way. She keeps her horses on her farm in Florida, gallops them through orange groves, and is confirmed in her moral convictions. "I will not train a horse that I know is is pain. Nor will I train a horse that is unaware of the pain he has. If the owner feels... Read More
When the word engagement was kept in the impulsion box of the collective marks for the USEF tests at Training and First Level, it wasn’t because those levels required the horse to be “weight-bearing.” Rather, it was a way for a judge to comment on a horse with a very natural uphill balance at... Read More
HorseDaily Book Club Feature : Drape unfurls a tale "that transcends athletics, a story of adolescence and small-town life" (Publishers Weekly), and all the corruption, illegal gambling, and secretive business practices that can flourish in the shadows of greatness. Read More
Launched on Amazon as a #1 Best Seller in its category as well as being labeled a “Hot New Release, ” Journeys With Horses is a collection of stories for all to enjoy. You may recognize some of the characters whose names have been changed to protect the innocent :). Read More
Carl Hester, who is visiting the United States from his home in the United Kingdom, attended the Adequan Global Dressage Festival to help fellow professionals— most notably Katherine Bateson-Chandler— in competition. In between riding and training, Hester took some time to greet fans and sign... Read More
Bestselling author and former First Lady of Massachusetts, Ann Romney, opens up for the first time detailing her battle with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), her faith, and finding joy. Within "IN THIS TOGETHER: My Story," Romney discusses her diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis in the mid-1990s and how... Read More
“Washington tore down the road at a full gallop, but once again, the young thoroughbreds, bred for racing, were gaining on him. He was very close to the American lines, but he was running out of time. . . . Washington made a hard left turn onto the Old Post Road. As the [British] dragoons made... Read More


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