The world of the horse has a reaches far beyond the show ring and into the hearts of all who are drawn to their beauty and magical aura. Follow the history, influence, and star power brought to the public through the organizations presented in this section.

Always keep thinking “if I stay in this movement do I still have the chance to improve it?” If not, get out and start again. Read More
See who is performing at the newequestrian hot spot Valentine’s Day for the benefit of the Big Dog Rescue. Read More
Every winter, equestrians descend on Wellington, Florida, the aptly named "Winter Equestrian Capital of the World." With each passing season, Wellington continues to evolve, boasting new shops, events and restaurants; however, none stand out quite as much as Wellington's newest restaurant, Polo...
Whether you are a serious horseman who focusses mostly on competing, or just a lover of the beauty and elegance quality horseflesh done in an entertaining way, the Gayla of the Royal Horse is sure to leave you with an appreciation of the scope of what this group brings to the arena. Read More


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