Dressage at Devon has been a premier North American Equestrian event since its founding in 1975. It combines world-class dressage competition and the world’s largest open breed show with the international Fall Festival show and special activities for the entire family.

Designated as a United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Heritage Competition, for more than 40 years Dressage at Devon has been one of North America’s premier international dressage competitions and currently hosts the world’s largest breed show. With a rich tradition and magical atmosphere, hundreds of exhibitors flock to the historic show grounds in Devon, Pa. each year to compete for the honor of a Devon blue ribbon. This year’s event will be held September 25-30 and will include three full days of Breed Show classes, followed by four action-packed days of performance with a full international CDI division

The six-day event attracts hundreds of riders from around the world and thousands of spectators. Dressage at Devon is a 501(c) (3) PA non-profit organization, benefitting equine education.

Courtney King-Dye was back in action at Dressage at Devon after a month of waiting on the FEI’s decision regarding the finding of a banned substance in the blood of Mythilus, after he underwent routine testing at the 2008 Olympics in Hong Kong Read More
Rick Rockefeller-Silvia’s Dream Street Stallion, Starlight, won the Grand Championship at Dressage at Devon earlier this week. The stunning black Oldenburg strutted around the world famous Dixon Oval with an air of supreme confidence, this combined with his expressive movement and correct... Read More


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