The 120th Devon Horse Show & Country Fair. From May 26 - June 7e njoy the horses, the food, the shopping, the games and rides and help raise money for Bryn Mawr Hospital.

"For me, I always like to be the underdog," Boyd said. "I don't mind going back a little low. These derbies are my passion. I absolutely love these, and I love the handy rounds. I love the excitement of it. Like I Said is a great mare. A good mare has a lot of desire, and that mare just dug deep... Read More
"Carling King made me and is the horse of a lifetime," said Babington. "Mark Q is my favorite horse that I've ever had. He's stepped up to the plate so often, and he's kept me in the sport and kept me jumping big classes, even when he shouldn't have. I'd enter him in the HITS Million class, and... Read More
"I had hopes for A Million Reasons, to be honest," Stewart said. "She's been pretty consistent. This is only her third horse show of the year. She was champion in WCHR week in Florida, then we did Kentucky, and she was champion, then we came here." Despite the light show schedule, A Million... Read More
The speed here at Devon has probably gotten more difficult," said Ward after his win. "Being FEI, you need a little more of a jumper. I thought it was a very good course. Took a little jumping and enough speed. It wasn't like you could go belly to the ground. You needed to pick a few places to... Read More
I think Devon is one of the greatest venues in America," expressed Ward, who also won the same event in 2015. "The atmosphere here on grand prix night is second to nowhere. The crowd is an educated crowd, and they really appreciate it. They are very enthusiastic. I think the management here at... Read More
"The format of the class was really to have the kids be able to go head-to-head," Madden explained. "Before, there would be two or three winners, and they were trying to break away from the idea of having multiple winners in a class that is supposed to deem the 'championship rider.' "I think it's... Read More
It's Opening Day for the 120th Devon Horse Show & Country Fair. We hope you will be our guest between now and June 5, our closing day. Enjoy the horses, the food, the shopping, the games and rides and help us raise money for Bryn Mawr Hospital. Read More
The Washington International Horse Show’s wildly popular Shetland Pony Steeplechase Championship Series, presented by Charles Owen, will be held in May and October 2016, commencing Memorial Day weekend at the Devon Horse Show. The high octane sport features junior jockeys in the saddle racing the... Read More


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