Through the corporate-level partnership, Back on Track USA will sponsor APHA’s two annual World Championship Shows by providing a variety of new awards to top-placing Youth, Amateur and Open exhibitors in 2016. The company will also be the title sponsor for the World Shows’ much-anticipated and... Read More
Today and only today Back on Track will be giving away free gifts for you and your horse when you purchase select products! Read More
I have a cell phone full of numbers that would make a dressage geek hyperventilate. I mean, what if I actually butt-dial Steffen? In the two-and-a-half years I have been in the high-performance dressage reporting and public relations industry, I have made a lot of friends, traveled to high... Read More
With four horses currently in Denmark at the Blu Hors stables, Petersen works hard to train for success and he uses the Back On Track products daily. With technology, it’s about the Heat Radiation. The injury prevention effect takes place when the products are used on the horse during the care... Read More


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