Young Rider Veteran Horse and Rider Pass the Torch

It has been five years since Poulin-Neff competed at The North American Young Riders’ Championships, and enjoyed catching up with another former Young Rider, Jackie Paxton, who flew home from Germany where she has been living and training for the past three years, to help her mom Janet Paxton, event organizer.

Jackie Paxton coached Brittany McCarthy on her former Young Rider mount Cinbad to victory in today’s Young Rider Individual Test, switching places with Lee Cross, who won the Young Rider Team Test on Friday. “If Brittany makes Young Riders’,” said Mom Janet, Jackie will definitely be coming home again to coach her, and we can all go to Young Riders again this summer. I really miss Young Riders, so it will be great if we can be a part of the action again.”

Lee Cross traveled from Concord, Massachussetts with her trainer Jane Hannigan and Carolyn Ain's Maksymillian who competed in the Grand Prix. Riding her own 13-year-old Swedish Warmblood Birkman (by Chapman), the pair put in an elegant test earning first place in the Young Rider Team Test.

Paxton Farm CDI***/Y - Cincinatti, Ohio

Results May 13, 2006

FEI Young Riders Team Test

Judges: H: deQuinzanos (I) C: Whitham (O)

1 - Lee Cross - Birkman - 63.185
2 - Brittany McCarthy - Cinbad - 61.556
3 - Katherine Sunder - Fendi - 59.778
4 - Mary Austin Modic - Cupido - 58.370
5 - Jessie Ely - Godspeed - 55.852
6 - Courtney Yeager - Shammer Jake - 55.333
7 - Jennifer Lee Raffi - Rondo Veneziano - 50.667