Young KWPN Dressage Horses Selected for World Breeding Championships

Harderwijk – On Tuesday, July 12, the final KWPN horses were selected for the FEI World Breeding Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden, Germany. This evening the selection committee announced the names of the five- and six-year-olds slated to represent the Netherlands. The committee chose the following dressage horses for the five-year-old division: Borencio, Bretton Woods, Brooklyn, STH Boston, TC Beau Deux, and Before You Know. The mare Belle Lady Texel is the reserve horse. The five-year-old KWPN-stallion Bojengel, ridden by Stephanie Dörr, was scratched from the selections. The committee wishes to exercise its option to give a Wild Card to a horse abroad so that it can represent the KWPN. The Wild Card is for Aaron, ridden by the German dressage rider Jana Freund. Assuming that the Wild Card is awarded, the team of six-year-old dressage horses will include Astrix (World Champion), Amazing Star, Athene, Avanti, Alonzo, and Aston Martin. Laurens van Lieren's second horse, President's Allright, is reserve.

Selected Five-Year-Old dressage horses:

Before you know (Scandic out of Solita keur by Krack C, breeder: A. Somer from Schoonloo) rider: Jennifer Sekreve

Borencio (Florencio out of Miss Sinclair elite by Lord Sinclair, breeder: A.P.M. Pittens from Nistelrode) rider: Emmelie Scholtens

Boston STH (Johnson out of Volmie ster by Quattro, breeder: J.W. Temmink from Vorden) rider: Hans Peter Minderhoud

Bretton Woods (KWPN-stallion, s.Johnson out of Annabel elite pref by De Niro, breeder:
G. Jansen-Blanken from Joppe) rider: Emmelie Scholtens

Brooklyn (United out of Ofanny by Havidoff, breeder: P.J.E. Heyting - Knipping from Angeren) rider: Cindy van Vugt

TC Beau Deux (Ravel out of Roseanne by Gouverneur, breeders: fam. Triemstra from Westmaas and T.J.M. Coomans from Oud-Beijerland) rider: Geert-Jan Raateland

Reserve: Belle Lady Texel (Krack C out of Lady Texel keur pref sport-dres by Farmer, breeder: W.T. van der Linde from De Cocksdorp) rider: Lotje Schoots

Selected Six-Year-Old dressage horses:

Alonzo (Contango out of Polina keur by Ferro, breeder: St. van Winden from Pijnacker) rider: Jonna Schelstraete

Amazing Star (KWPN-stallion, s.Flemmingh out of Thalia Vrouwe ster by Ferro, breeders: M. Hendriksen-de Rijk from Lunteren and H. de Rijke from Ede) rider: Theo Hanzon

Aston Martin NL (Uphill out of Uronia keur by Cabochon, breeder: G.W. van Norel from Wapenveld) rider: Christa Laarakkers

Astrix (KWPN-stallion, s.Obelisk out of Upshot ster by Olivi, breeder: E.T. ten Bosch from Driel) rider: Emmelie Scholtens.

Presidents Avanti (United out of L'Amusanta keur by Farrington, breeder: R. Arts from Escharen) rider: Laurens van Lieren

TC Athene (United out of Orleans elite by Jazz, breeder J.B.J.M. Streppel from Wilp) rider: Gerdine Maree

Wild Card: Aaron (Florencio out of Danielle ster by Record, fokker W. Oplaat from Enschede) rider: Jana Freund (GER)

Reserve: Presidents Allright (Jazz out of The Living Colour by Royal Dance, breeder:
J. Gordijn from St. Odenrode) rider: Laurens van Lieren