You Can Help Feed Kentucky’s Hungry Horses

Due to the drought last summer and the record low temperatures now, many horses across Kentucky will not have adequate food this winter.  YOU can help them!

The Kentucky Horse Council’s “Save Our Horses” fund offers emergency food and veterinary care for horses of all breeds and disciplines when their owners cannot/will not provide for them.

Your tax-deductible donation has no overhead, so every dollar you give will help Kentucky’s horses.

Give a donation as a stocking stuffer!
  Make your donations in honor of a friend or family member, or in memory of a beloved pet.  Please send donations to Save Our Horses, c/o Kentucky Horse Council, 1500 Bull Lea Rd, Suite 214C, Lexington, KY  40511.  For more information on the “Save Our Horses” fund and the Kentucky Horse Council, go to

The Kentucky Horse Council is a member of the Kentucky Horse Park’s National Horse Center.