World Renowned Equestrian Vaulters Prepare for Las Vegas Demo Being Held During The FEI Budweiser World Cups Finals in Las Vegas April 20-24!

Due to some very hard work put in by AVA (and FACE) coach and former Men's World Vaulting Champion Devon Maitozo over the years (as well as a splendid, never-give-up attitude), vaulting has been invited to demonstrate at one of the world's most prestigious equestrian events: The FEI Budweiser World Cups Finals in Las Vegas April 20-24!

That's no typo-it's World Cups, as in plural, because this sold out Las Vegas venue, the famous Thomas Mack Center, will be featuring both the World Cup Jumping Finals AND the World Cup Dressage Finals all in one week. And vaulting demonstrations will be a part of it!

We're scrambling like crazy to make it happen (we didn't get the final go-ahead until pretty late in the game), and Devon, Carolyn Bland and crew have arranged for FOUR present or former World Vaulting Champions and THREE present or former National Individual Champions, as well as a crew of world-class USA Team vaulters and three of the US's best horses to showcase vaulting at its very, very, (did I say VERY?) best! Vaulting will be demonstrated at both the World Cup Jumping Final, as well as at the World Cup Dressage Freestyle Final. Could we ask for anything more?!?

USEF and USET have both recognized the importance of vaulting in the competitive equestrian arena, and have generously donated money to fly over three European vaulters, pay for stables, etc.

The following vaulters are in town to prepare for the upcoming World Cup. They will be attending the FACE competition on April 16, 2005.

Devon Maitozo - World Champion 1998 for USA and FACE Head Coach.
Matthias Lang - World Champion 2000, 2002 -for France
Nicola Stroeh - World Champion 2004 - for Germany
Blake Dahlgren - National Champion 2003, 2004
Megan Benjamin - National Champion, 2004
Mari Inouye - USEF Vaulting Rank, 2 in the United States.
Samantha Smith - USEF Vaulting Rank, 3 in the United States.
Kai Vorberg - World Champion 2004 - for Germany

This is the list of Vaulters performing in Las Vegas:

Kai Vorberg
Matthais Lang
Devon Maitozo
Blake Dahlgren
Nicola Stroeh
Mari Inouye
Megan Benjamin
Shannyn Poer
Elizabeth Ioannou