World Online Sponsoring the Van Baalens

The European internet network company World Online signed a two-year sponsor contract with Dutch dressage riders Coby and Marlies van Baalen. Goal of the contract is to support the growing popularity of this dynamic duo and the one of World Online, which is has its headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. "The sponsor contract is a God's gift, because the financial weight of operating a top competition barn is unbelievably heavy. I can not compensate six show mounts, show entrance fees, plane tickets and trainer fees by the prize money I win," the European team silver medallist explained explained.

Furthermore during the Olympic year her students will suffer from her two-month absence, while the costs keep on coming in. Coby is splitting up her barn into a competition segment and the training segment for her clients. The competition horses will be constantly stabled at Johan Hinnemann's, while in the past only the toppers resided in Germany. World Online will help to cover the costs so that more horses can be trained by the former German chef d'equipe.

World Online has 1,200,000 private users and 33,000 business clients. This is an exciting indication of how the growing world of the internet recognizes the value of the "niche" audience global horse enthusiasts represent.

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