World Meeting of the Breeders and Riders of Akhal Tekes

The Akhal Teke Association is proud to invite you to our event that will take place in Moscow at sportcomplex "Planernaya" on the 25 - 26 of August 2001. You will have a unique opportunity to see over 100 AKHALTEKES at the performance and at the show ring. World Cup and World meeting - it is a unique opportunity to meet old and new friends that united by one passion: AKHALTEKE. We will be happy to see you!

The exotically beautiful, extravagantly graceful and versatile Akhal-Teke horse was, until recently not well-known outside of the former Soviet Union. This most unusual breed of riding horse, highly regarded for its speed, stamina, comfortable gaits, intelligence and trainability, is currently enjoying a well-deserved surge of popularity outside of its traditional homeland of Turkmenistan and neighboring Russia. Arguably the oldest surviving cultured equine breed, the Akhal-Teke acquired its extraordinary physical powers and sensitive personality from the highly specialized conditions which characterized its partnership with Central Asian nomads. Akhal-Teke blood has influenced the development of several modern horse breeds, yet its own unique features have remained largely undiluted for centuries.

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