World Cup FEI Rolex International Jumping of Bordeaux

The three nations - England – France – Ireland.

The story of this 33rd International Jumping of Bordeaux begins just like the Six Nations Rugby Championships, but it stops there as neither Scotland nor Wales have their proper equestrian federation contrary to rugby and Italy is missing in Aquitaine this year.

England’s Guy Williams gave the impulse in the afternoon with Orage, a mare he introduced to an international class for the first time. Something indicates that this mare (“Orage” means “storm”) is going to impress us in some other stages of the circuit to come. The harmony and unity between the Belgian mare and the English rider is not only evident, it goes straight to the heart.

There is no first day of Bordeaux without the Marseillaise. This is the tradition in Bordeaux-Lac and Simon Delestre made it his duty to keep the tradition together with Orphée de L’Illon. The young mare (she is only 9 years old) loves this race against the clock: last year, she won about fifteen competitions of this type. “When she makes a clear round, she barely finishes second”, states her rider, who beams with pride. Their courses have show quality and entertain the audience every time. The spectators of Bordeaux were standing up!

This joy could have been kept by if it wasn’t for the Irish Denis Lynch (pictured in photo), who withdrew the victory from Roger-Yves Bost with the help of Ludger Beerbaum’s former partner, All Inclusive. It’s a small accomplishment because the rider from Barbizon usually doesn’t lag behind, but “All Inclusive is a naturally fast horse, and I could shorten two turns which made the difference”, explained the rider on this wonderful first day that went on until late at night, and finished with the victory of a Swiss Driver: Werner Ulrich won the warm-up of the World Cup.

Get together on Saturday evening for the big World Cup night: It is the drivers’ last chance to qualify for the finals, and also one of the last opportunities to get back into the game for the riders. That event is already sold out.

Completed results:

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