World Class Reining Champions And Western Performance Trainers Jon and Seth Ingram Join Draper Equine Therapy’s Advisory Board

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Canton, MA  – World class reining champions and western performance trainers Jon and Seth Ingram, of Ingram Training Stable in Loxahatchee, Florida, have joined the Draper Equine Therapy Advisory Board. As makers of therapeutic products for horses and riders, Draper Equine Therapy relies on world-class riders such as the Ingrams to represent their company and stand behind their technologically advanced products.

Both Seth and Jon of Ingram Training Stable have a long list of accomplishments to solidify their amazing abilities. Jon Ingram holds nine Reining Horse World Championship and National titles. He has successfully shown reining, cutting, and working cow horses during his 30 years of riding and training professionally. Jon’s son Seth was a top ten rider in two open divisions of the NRHA in 2002. In 2007 Seth rode Heza Holi Sugarman to Reserve Champion at the Florida Reining Horse Association Futurity. Seth has had a lifelong involvement in training and showing horses. He looks forward to competing at the NHRA Futurity again this fall.

"We're really excited about Seth and Jon joining the list of ever growing Draper supporters. The western market has been one we've been trying to break into for a while, and we've had many people fall in love with the Western Saddle Pads,” said Kat Wojtylak, Product Manager of Draper Equine Therapy. “Having major players like Jon and Seth backing us up really means we're doing something right. Jon has world and national titles to his name and has supported and promoted the sport of reining for more than twenty years. His son Seth also has many titles to his name and has a passion for training and showing."

As a seasoned horseman, Jon said he has dealt with foot pain for years. “I’ve been using the Draper Body Therapy Socks for months now and it’s the first time my feet haven’t hurt in years. I’m telling everyone about the socks, they are amazing,” Jon said. “I also love the Western Saddle Pads. When Draper says their products are ‘therapeutic,’ they really mean it and Seth and I couldn’t be happier to represent a company that we truly believe in.”

Wojtylak said she has to laugh at Jon for becoming such a big fan of the Draper socks. “It's funny the way things work out because Jon was a huge skeptic in the beginning. It took some convincing to get him to try the Walking Socks on himself before trying the products on his horses,” Wojtylak said. “He was a man who had been in pain for over five years and had seen countless specialists and still couldn’t get rid of the pain. He started wearing the Draper socks and felt relief within a few hours and now he’s telling everyone about them and wants stock in the product!"

Seth is also a strong supporter of the Draper products and said he uses the Western Saddle Pads and the Draper Equine Therapy Pillow Wraps on his horses. “I really like the Draper products and feel like we can stand behind them knowing they work,” Seth said.

Draper Equine Therapy products contain the innovative smart fiber Celliant™/Holofiber®, which has been proven to reduce pain, increase oxygen levels and help balance overall body temperature in the body. Celliant/Holofiber works at the circulatory level, encouraging not only alleviation of pain and other negative symptoms but also an improvement of the body's natural systems. “These inorganic natural minerals work with the energy released from the body and are designed to recycle this energy back to the body to improve health and overall well being of the wearer.” Wojtylak said. “While Celliant/Holofiber has been proven to have therapeutic effects while in contact with the body, the benefits last long after contact has been discontinued.”

Draper offers three complete lines of Celliant/Holofiber-enhanced products: Draper Body Therapy; Draper Equine Therapy; and Draper Canine Therapy. Draper Body Therapy offers products ranging from athletic gear to spa therapy all offering the wonderful benefits of Celliant/Holofiber. The specific product line includes eye pillows, shoulder wraps, t-shirts, blankets, sport supports, sleep liners, socks and back belts. The Draper Equine Therapy line, designed to help horses build stamina and recover faster from exertion and injury, includes everything from leg wraps and blankets, to quarter sheets, hock boots and anti-sweat sheets. Complimentary to their other lines, Draper Canine Therapy offers smaller four-legged friends the same benefits in the form of beds, wraps, jackets and blankets.

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Photo: World Class reining champions and western performance trainers Jon (right) and Seth (left) Ingram, of Ingram Training Stable in Loxahatchee, Florida, have joined the Draper Equine Therapy Advisory Board. (Photo courtesy of Ingram Training Stable)