The World Championships for Young Horses

Held during the European Championships in Arnhem, The Netherlands July 1-4 were the Young Horse World Championships for 5 and 6 year olds. Open to horses who are members of The World Breed Federation, several countries sent their top youngsters to participate.

Each division did two tests, in front of a panel of judges. At the end of each ride, one judge, Mr. Christophe Hess for the 5 year olds, and Mr. Volker Moritz for the 6 year olds, would comment for the panel on the horse, and give a score from 1-10. This made the class very interesting for the spectators and helpful to the riders as well.

The top 15 horses rode in the Final, held Sunday in the main arena before the Grand Prix Freestyle. This class was judged on a percentage basis, and the three scores tallied for the final result. For the next week on DressageDaily, we will feature some of the top horses on our site, with text written by Astrid Appels, and Phelps Photos.

We also video taped several of the best horses in each division, and the Final in it's entirety. Photos of every horse in the competition were taken. Anyone interested in photos and videos of this class can contact as at Email: