Wilma Whacks Wellington

Wilma Whacks Wellington – Important Changes to November Schedule

National Horse Show Still On – Gold Coast Dressage Fall Fling Cancelled

With spotty electricity, many downed trees and buildings, the entire area is a bit of a war zone these days. But the horse folk are a hearty kind, and it’s training (sort of) as usual for some as they prepare for the upcoming National Horse Show, to be held at the tattered Wellington Show Grounds, The Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club, November 30 – December 4th. Gene Mische’s stellar crew are busy at work restoring the grounds in preparation for the event, and cancelled all shows scheduled there in November, which includes the Gold Coast Fall Fling Dressage Show, a popular kickoff for the National Horse Show and upcoming 2006 winter dressage season in Florida. With speed and efficiency the Stadium Jumping group restored the show grounds after the season of 2004 experienced the effects of 4 hurricanes, so picking up the pieces and making the grounds even better than ever (if that is possible) has become a job handled by an experienced crew.

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