Wilma Whacks Wellington

“Hurricane Wilma made Francis (2004) look like a picnic.” said Arlene (Tuni) Page, about the experience of riding out the storm in her Wellington home. With her new building under construction Page fared better than others as her horses were safe, with the only damage being uprooted newly planted trees. “But it was pretty scary.” added Page, as the 130 miles winds ripped into the West Palm Beach area on the back half of the storm.

Chiropractor to the equestrian stars, Dr. Cetty Weiss is seeing patients by candlelight in her office at Weiss Family Chiropractic. Organizer of the popular Young Riders Clinic held during the winter, Weiss said between her and her partner, husband Brad, they are seeing 15 to 20 patients a day.

Margaret Heroy in training with Robert Dover shipped her horse in from Illinois to a "war zone", reporting on all the leaves on the trees have been stripped, and the 2 hour wait in gas lines to power automobiles and generators. There is now electricity in her area on Wellington, although she can only e-mail using dial up, there is no wireless availability yet. Maggie was able to stop by our unscathed DressageDaily headquarters near Daytona Beach, Florida and pick up our gas can supply, since there were none to be found even at all the Home Depots in northern Florida. Two of them were full, which was a good thing, as she could not get close to a gas station further south, as she headed down to meet the horse transport van.

But things are starting to get better, although the damage has been done, and some changes to the November schedule in south Florida have been adjusted.

"The Search for America's Next Equestrian Star-Dressage" Postponed Until April

A disappointed Robert Dover and the crew of Brave St. Productions Inc. had to give into the reality that meeting their November production schedule would be an impossible task, after the much anticipated "The Search For America's Next Equestrian Star-Dressage" television show, on the fast track to becoming the hottest news of 2006, was derailed by the destruction of Wilma.

After announcing the top six contestants, at Dressage at Devon, Dover set into motion what began as an idea announced at the 2004 USDF Convention, to seek out top equestrian talent much like “a combination of The Apprentice and Star Search” as Dover describes it. It was on the pages of DressageDaily.com where we first announced Dover’s plan, the daughter of the owner of a television production company read the news and showed it to her Dad as a good idea for a TV show. With the crew in place, and the selected contestants and horses on their way, Wilma blindsided West Palm Beach, and production plans for November.

Now scheduled for April, the production, is still very much in the plan for Brave St. Productions Inc. and Dover. It allows more time to raise funds and sponsors for making what Dover hopes to become a series more solid. “I will be working tirelessly to make the program bigger and better and a fantastic experience for all involved.” Robert Dover told DressageDaily. “I appreciate so much everyone who has been of such great support to me in this effort and hope to continue with these sponsors and accumulate many more between now and April when we begin filming, ‘The Search For America's Next Equestrian Star-Dressage’.”

National Horse Show Still On – Gold Coast Dressage Fall Fling Cancelled

With spotty electricity, many downed trees and buildings, the entire area is a bit of a war zone these days. But the horse folk are a hearty kind, and it’s training (sort of) as usual for some as they prepare for the upcoming National Horse Show, to be held at the tattered Wellington Show Grounds, The Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club, November 30 – December 4th. Gene Mische’s stellar crew are busy at work restoring the grounds in preparation for the event, and cancelled all shows scheduled there in November, which includes the Gold Coast Fall Fling Dressage Show, a popular kickoff for the National Horse Show and upcoming 2006 winter dressage season in Florida. With speed and efficiency the Stadium Jumping group restored the show grounds after the season of 2004 experienced the effects of 4 hurricanes, so picking up the pieces and making the grounds even better than ever (if that is possible) has become a job handled by an experienced crew.

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