Who's Who - Dr. Cesar Parra

Some may describe Dr. Cesar Parra as a perfectionist, others as a workaholic. Dr. Parra will keep working until it's dark, letting the horses stop to rest but working intensely until he gets it right. He encourages horses and people to develop a good work ethic at his barn, and to enjoy what they’re doing. "I like to push the limit," he said. "I want people to realize that they can go through much more than the limits they thought they had. They really enjoy it."

Currently relocating from his winter Florida residence to his new facility in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey Dr. Parra and his family have come a long way in the short time they have been in America after escaping terrorist threats in Bogata, Columbia. Read his update Who's Who with new photos, and check out our newest PhelpsPhotos® service for our clients, by viewing his on-line photo album.

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