Who's Who: Diana Mukpo

Diana Mukpo is a woman of many dimensions: Dressage rider/trainer, wife and mother of five, Buddhist. When she is not standing in the middle of the arena guiding a student through the principles of dressage, or schooling the young horse that she one day hopes will rise to the Grand Prix level, she might be found on a mountaintop in Tibet, working to improve the lives of the Tibetan people of that area, and restore the history that they have lost.

Diana grew up riding in England , but it wasn't until she came to the United States that she developed an interest in what was to become a lifelong passion for dressage. In 1977 Diana returned to Europe to train with Arthur Kottas in Vienna , competing at the FEI level in Europe with her horses Shambhala and Warrior, and spent five months in 1979 at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. At that time the Spanish Riding School had a program for foreign students and Diana was fortunate to be one of the few women ever to pass the entrance examination required to be admitted to the school.

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