Who's Who: Cees Slings & Victor Kerkhof

When you hear the names Slings & Kerkhof, one immediately thinks of Anky van Grunsven's world famous kurs to music like Bonfire's Symphony, West Side Story, and, of course, L' Esprit Chanson. Van Grunsven has been the undefeated queen of the kur, so far, and all her freestyles have been designed by the Dutch composers duo Cees Slings and Victor Kerkhof.

Slings & Kerkhof have done musical productions for television and theatre and are currently the world's leading kur to music composers. In August 2005, the duo handled the musical production of “Hippisch Saluut” for Her Royal Highness Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands. They are currently working on an ambitious project called “The Natural Rhythm of the Horse” supported by the F.E.I.

Slings & Kerkhof recently released their first equestrian DVD/CD called "Anky's Music" which reveals all their secrets to making a winning kur to Music. Anky's Music is the perfect gift for a birthday or for Christmas.

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