Who's Who: Ann Guptill

A Who's Who member almost since the beginning of Horsesdaily.com's launch into cyber space, Ann Guptill has realised the value of online presence for her business. After a one-year "sabbatical" to give birth to John Nicholas, Ann Guptill is back in the saddle and ready to made her come back on the show scene.

Ann was lucky with a healthy pregnancy and was able to keep riding with a modified schedule right up until her delivery date. "During recovery I sent some of the horses to friends who are trainers and I started back teaching on a part time basis one week after "Nick" was born and began my riding two weeks after he was born. I brought myself back slowly, as you would a horse or any athlete, with short conditioning intervals. I was back in the show ring after 10 weeks and am now riding 6 to 8 horses per day and feel great!"

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