Horses were always a part of her life, but this young woman did an animal training stint at Sea World where her instincts and ability to communicate with creatures other than human kicked in. What well rounded rider wouldn't be better off after bottle feeding baby manatees? But it was the horses, and her desire to be the best that she can be that called her back.

Years later she would end up in Saratoga Springs with two upper level dressage horses and $400 in her pocket. Luckily, her determination was noticed, and with the support of people who believed in her, she kept going. With a job, and more horses, the dream plan for her life began to take shape.

After being tucked away in Europe training and honing her craft, she returned to the United States with a plan. In 2004 she hit the FEI arena, and the judges and fellow riders were asking “Who’s that girl”. After a brilliant Freestyle at Dressage at Devon, and a winning ride at the Metropolitan National Horse Show, they began to remember her name.

Can you guess who in new in Who’s Who?