A Who

Can you solve the mystery as to who our latest who’s who is? This picture of her was taken during her Wild West days riding in Minnesota, now she’s traded in her cowboy hat for a top hat and rides at WEF and the CDS circuit on her dark horse. She rides the Grand Prix and does it right! And she is rarely seen with a six-shooter anymore as she has learned that the pen is mightier than the sword.

And while with this lucky lady still waters run deep, if you accuse her and trainer of being up to a challenge, they’d have to plead guilty as sin. Her favorite color is blue. And my guess is her favorite scent is Coco Chanel. And if you can’t figure out who she is from these clues, I urge you not to kill the messenger!

editor's note: We recieved several e-mails in reference to this photo, as the horse appeared hobbled at the ankle. Tami's explanation: "I suppose I should be flattered that people could believe that was a real horse, really bucking, and I'm just sitting there cool as a cucumber, five-years-old twirling a six-gun on my finger. My family stopped at the Famous Wall Drug roadside attraction in South dakota, there on the way to Yellowstone, last great Mikkelson family car trip. There was a saloon with costumed characters, a gun fight in the street. You could sit inside a "real" stage coach. I'm sure the posed bronco was hobbled so vandals wouldn't make off with it in the night."

In order to avoid further outrage we have digitally removed the hobble refered to in the photo. (MPH)

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