What Makes a Happy Hoag?

Tami Hoag

Favorite Expression:

Work hard, be talented, and get lucky!

Favorite Color: Blue—as in blue ribbons—of course!

Favorite Drink: A lovely glass of California Chardonnay

Favorite Meal: Pizza, the perfect food.

Favorite Book: The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler

Favorite TV Show: Old Law & Order reruns and everything on Court TV

Favorite Movie: Gladiator (Russell Crowe buff, shirtless and sweating. What could be better than that?)

Favorite Vacation: My trip to Spain

Favorite Riding Apparel: Pikeur. Their fit and quality is always top notch. Also Arista’s vests and jackets-always a great flattering cut.

Favorite Horse Equipment or Products: Trilogy saddles and bridles. MDC stirrups. Dover’s International Rider blankets and sheets- a great value.

Favorite Possession: My self respect

Writer/Rider Tami Hoag’s 2008 Update

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Photo Credit: Susan J Stickle