What Does Your Commercial Equine Insurance Give You?

A a trainer, instructor, or farm owner, having the proper commercial liability and property protection is critical to your business. How long has it been since you evaluated your commercial equine insurance coverage? Having adequate insurance for your horse business is vital, especially in today’s litigious environment.

As an equine insurance specialist with Markel, one of the oldest and most respected companies which specializes in this area, I am amazed at how many of the equine professionals we know and work with are not only not properly covered, but have no idea what this sort of coverage means to their business.

Having proper coverage of not only your property but your liability exposures, and a good understanding of what is involved is critical to your business. Liability coverage means the company you work with will be in charge of your defense should you ever face litigation. Doesn’t it make sense to do business with a company which has a long standing and respected presence in the industry and the court system?

With the permission of the American Quarter Horse Journal, we have provided the following article which will provide our readers with critical and important advise on what this line of insurance is all about. If you have any sort of business related to horses, it is your responsibility to know what this means in terms of liability and protecting not only your assets, but your good name and reputation. We encourage everyone to take a few minute to review this important information.

Mary Phelps - A Markel Equine Insurance Specialist